Anna Maliszewski Music

Anna Maliszewski Music 

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My Mission: to teach music theory and technique creatively, while treating each student as their own unique, individual pianst. My highest goal to help them find joy in creating music while finding their own niche--classical, jazz, pop, etc.  

Welcome to my home piano studio!

I teach private lessons on my 5' 10'' grand piano to students aged 6 through adulthood. I take in students who are pre-level piano up through early advanced level. I have over 10 year's worth of experience in teaching piano and putting my heart into giving the very best music experience to my students. 

My studio is located in Gurnee, IL.

Lessons range from 30 min to 45 min slots, depending on the level and needs of the student.

Please read our "handbook" to learn more.

Current teaching days:

Wednesdays (full), Thursdays, and Fridays

Information for Parents:

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Resources for My Students:

Places to Review Music Theory

Music Handouts

Never forget that music should bring you joy too!
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