Anna Maliszewski Music

Anna Maliszewski Music 

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Anna Maliszewski is a mother of two silly twin boys, she's a classically trained pianist, a singer, a new-found composer and also a private piano instructor to beginning-level pianists of all ages.

As a young girl she was always surrounded  by music. She tagged along to her mother's music courses in college, she colored in a book while her mother played organ at Sunday Masses/funerals/weddings, she played flute in band/ marching band, and also sang her heart out into a fake microphone at fake concerts held in her bedroom with hopes to be a professional vocalist one day. She enjoyed singing in Concert Choir in High School and was the youngest member in the Chicago Master Singers in 2003.

She studied for 11 years with a well-respected Concert Pianist, Barbara Enders (who even studied a few summers under Mrs. Lhevinne) taking her first lesson at age 7.

At the University of Iowa, she was a member of the traveling Catholic choir "The Newman Singers," and was also an active member in the University Choir. She graduated from the University of Iowa in 2008 with a BA in Religious studies while working toward a minor degree in Music on the side, and has been teaching Piano ever since to beginning-level students. She hopes to spark a love of music in each and every one of her students, while striving to teach music creatively and effectively.

Although composing music is a new creative outlet for her, she strives to create piano music for children and adults alike that are "fun" to practice. She enjoys an array of music, but is constantly inspired by classical, jazz and sound-scape (New Age) music.