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"A Nativity Suite" is a musical reflection on the birth of Christ.
Composed & Performed by Anna Maliszewski.
 (Copyright 2013)

 The CD comprises of 18 songs, the first 9 of which are mostly-wordless vocal arrangement with piano, and the other 9 are solo piano.

The CD comes with a reflection booklet with biblical quotes of the Nativity narrative, information about some of the pieces, as well as reflection questions.

This "Nativity Suite" collection will be available in November 2013:
The CD - $10  or 3 for $25
Individual sheet music- $3.99
The E-book solo piano score- $11.99

This Suite has been a labor of love this summer of 2013, and I hope that it brings you joy this Christmas season. May it remind you of God's love for us through Jesus Christ.

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Thank you so much,
Anna Maliszewski